Note 04-May-2023:

I deleted the content of this page because I already get into a lot of trouble and encounter censorship for publishi ng my own political/personal viewpoints. I'm willing to vigorously defend the Orange Papers themselves and I decline to tone police them or alter them but I cannot assume responsibility for publishing political viewpoints related to countries that I cannot even place on a map, that is the direction things seem to be heading in , and my personal t ake is that its important to protect the Orange Papers from censorship or other consequences forcing me to completel y take them offline. It's happening. You know it, I know it, everyone knows it. The Orange Papers are hosted at NO COST , but unfortunately, in a country that is making strides towards wiping people off the map who say things about China and its neighbors which displeases them. Let's be real: IT KIND OF PROVES HIS POINT.

Removing orange-links.html and orange-propaganda.html is the best compromise I can offer right now. Continuing to host the "Orange Papers" themselves is still a giant "fuck you" to both AA (and its metastasized tumors like NA) and censorship itself.

I am aware of some discussion of these topics in Orange's correspondence, which I am leaving unaltered until such a time as I risk suspension for that. You can searc for the original copy of this content on the wayback machine or download the site backup/tarball.

If/when legislation or policy look like they are heading in a direction where I might face any kind of liability for that content, I will more than likely move this website to another country and restore them exactly the way they were. (2024 and beyond are looking bad for where they are currently hosted.) Our economy is in a state where "free hosting" is better than "not free hosting" but when that line gets crossed , I will pay for the hosting before I back down much further than I already have by obliterating these two pages. Going after AA and its ilk is a cross I am willing to bear and face the wrath or consequences for. Not so much for geopolitical topics that I am not appraised of and have no personal opinion of (yet).